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RG001 Resource Guide And Train-The-Trainer Video: Highly recommended for Subscription Orders!
Only $99.95 / $6.00 ship/handling
("Includes" Resource Guide, Train-the-trainer video)

Resource Guide - The Safety Shorts Resource Guide is a comprehensive training tool designed to walk a trainer through each training session step-by-step. Includes: Guidelines for organizing & conducting safety meetings / Attendance roster / Safety reference directory / Employee communication report forms / OSHA information on guidelines & inspections.
Only $99.95 / $6.00 ship/handling

Train-The-Trainer Video - "Effective Safety Meetings" will instruct managers and supervisors on the simple process of effective meeting management. When used correctly, Safety Shorts videos will create a substantial impact on your safety program and will go a long way in eliminating accidents!

Does a weekly training program justify itself?

How can you justify the cost of a regular safety training program? Try comparing it to the cost of a lost time accident. According to a recent study done by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), the average costs of typical accidents are as follows: Each lost-time claim cost includes indemnity costs (wage replacement) plus associated medical costs.

Injury Costs
 Body Part Affected    Injury Type  
 Multiple body parts:  $18,000  Amputation:  $20,200
 Leg:  $12,872  Fracture:  $15,456
 Knee:  $12,351  Trauma:  $14,345



Occupational disease & Cumulative trauma:


Lower back:




Average Costs of all claims combined:  $10,971

The cost of a Safety Shorts weekly training program for one year is $1,959.95 + shipping and handling!

Four Ways To Save Money!
1: Subscribe to Safety Shorts Weekly Training Service. Safety Shorts weekly training program (four per month video subscription) offers the very best video prices. In addition, the program is completely guaranteed to reduce your organization's accident rate or your money back! With this honest and straightforward guarantee you are certain to save a considerable amount in accident costs with one nominal investment, or - you train for free!

2: Accumulative order pricing - Safety Shorts video prices are discounted by quantity. The more you buy the less expensive they become! At Safety Shorts we allow our clients to use the total quantity purchased within the last 12 months to establish a discounted rate on their next order. In other words, if your purchased 12 videos 10 months ago and wish to purchase an additional 13 today, you would only be charged at a 25-video unit rate. What better way to show our appreciation?!

3: Combine your orders with other departments, locations or even companies in your community. Our prices are solely based on quantity and greater discounts are available for larger orders. Please call us for details!

4: Safety Shorts video recycling program. Do you have any old, outdated or even broken videos that you no longer use? Send them to us for a 20% discount on an equal amount of Safety Shorts videos!
You'll receive value from something that's useless and we'll donate the used tape stock to local charity efforts.

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Safety Shorts Video Purchase Options

Order Safety Shorts® individually, or as part of a Guaranteed Accident Reduction Program! You choose the videos and delivery sequence!

Monthly Training Program:
(1 per mo. subscription plan) $74.95 per mo. (includes s/h)
(DVD 1 per mo. subscription plan) $84.95 per mo. (includes s/h)

Bi-weekly Training Program:
(2 per mo. subscription plan) $126.95 per mo. (includes s/h)
(DVD 2 per mo. subscription plan) $146.95 per mo. (includes s/h)

Weekly Training Program:
4 per mo. subscription plan) $166.95 per mo. (includes s/h)
DVD 4 per mo. subscription plan) $206.95 per mo. (includes s/h)
Guaranteed to Reduce Accident Rates or Your Money Back!
Note: To insure your volume discount pricing, subscription orders are based on a one-year purchase order agreement. Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. However, for subscriptions cancelled prior to the 12-month term, video prices will be calculated based on Menu Selection prices and the actual quantity purchased. You will be invoiced on the difference.

Order Safety Shorts individually and build your library all at once

Individual Purchase Pricing Guide
 Individual Purchase Prices
 1-6 VIDEOS  $79.95 ea. DVD  $89.95 ea.  $2.75 ea.
 7-12 VIDEOS  $69.95 ea. DVD  $79.95 ea.  $2.50 ea.
 13-24 VIDEOS  $59.95 ea. DVD  $69.95 ea.  $1.75 ea.
 25-47 VIDEOS  $49.95 ea. DVD  $59.95 ea.  $1.25 ea.
 48+ VIDEOS  $39.95 ea. DVD  $49.95 ea.  $.75 ea.
(Please call for shipping prices outside the 48 contiguous United States)
(All Prices in U.S. Dollars)
GSA #GS02F0398D - Governmental Services Administration approved vendor.
Special pricing for Governmental Entities and their contractors. Please call for details.

Safety Shorts Exclusive Triple Guarantee!

Free 30 day trial - on the Safety Shorts weekly training system. You choose any 4 Safety Short videos and we will send you the tapes plus a Resource Guide for you to use free for thirty days. If you are not completely satisfied, return the items to Safety Shorts and you owe nothing!

New extended 100% money back product guarantee - Ensures that you will never have to pay for a product that you don't believe in. If you ever receive a Safety Short product that does not meet your standard of excellence, return it to Safety Shorts within 30 days for your money back, invoice credit or video exchange.

100% money back results guarantee - Ensures that our weekly training system will accomplish what we say it can. If you subscribe to our weekly training service for a period of at least one year; follow our basic guidelines of training and do not achieve results, Safety Shorts will promptly and courteously refund your money in full!

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